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Glass Wall Transparent LED Screen

Glass wall series is belonged to customized LED display cabinet series in transparent LED screen products. The strip length can be customized according to glass wall’s structure, to match with the building glass perfectly. It is widely applied in building glass, shop windows, etc

High Transparency series is based on side-lighting technology, its 70% high transparency, and some types can reach 90% above.
Customized Size ATW transparent LED screen series with Cabinet frame is overlapped with glass frame perfectly, no cabinet frame can be seen. cabinet size is customized according to glass wall structure.
Easy Maintenance Light structure design, can be hung by steel ropes; ATW series also support front maintenance. Individual strip design with hot plug. This transparent LED display is a perfect solution for any shaped media display/ advertisement board.

Savour Your Next Holiday

NIE Electronics offers a wide range of Indoor and Outdoor LED Display screen for both Fixed Installation as well as Rental Application. The high brightness of LED chip display makes it ideal for to be used in TV Studio, Shopping Mall, Out of Home Advertising Space as well as Staging Backdrop, just to name a few. The LED Display technology has evolved and improved tremendously over the years with the enhancement of colour and contrast gradation. Prices has also come down over the years and deliver a better ROI.

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