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Excellent performance Multi-functional led display, amazing display effect with great noise control. The content will embrace you with vivid color and great visual impact.

High quality die-casting Display

P 2.5/2.6/3.1/3.9/4.8 500X1000

Multi-functional led display, amazing display effect with great noise control, recommended for boardroom, specialty stores, meeting rooms, monitoring and controlling center.

P 2.5
P 2.6
P 3.1
P 3.9
P 4.8

High quality die-casting aluminum cabinet

Ultra high precision CNC workmanship processing precision < 0.1mm; special seamless connection design, cabinet adjustable structure to control the gap within ±0.03 mm.Lamp’s relentless pursuit of high quality indoor and outdoor fixed and rental products.

-5°~+5°convex and concave curve

It’s easy assembling for -5°~+5°convex and concave curve, ultra-light, easy for installation and a cost effective masterpiece. User experience of operation on the screen will bring you a different feeling for displays.

Front installation & maintenance

Our product provide front access solution you can install the screen from the surface of the wall. No maintenance path needed, each module is equipped with magnet cylinder, which connect the module onto the panel structure

NIE Electronics offers a wide range of Indoor and Outdoor LED Display screen for both Fixed Installation as well as Rental Application. The high brightness of LED chip display makes it ideal for to be used in TV Studio, Shopping Mall, Out of Home Advertising Space as well as Staging Backdrop, just to name a few. The LED Display technology has evolved and improved tremendously over the years with the enhancement of colour and contrast gradation. Prices has also come down over the years and deliver a better ROI.

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